Which Undergraduate Course is Right for You?

Our undergraduate English programme is designed to introduce you to the various subjects embraced by English studies, while allowing you to specialise in an area of particular interest to you by choosing a specific 'routeway'.

An extremely popular single honours degree in English Literature is complemented by a number of challenging joint honours degrees, as well as the chance to study Creative Writing, Language or Literature as a major alongside a minor in a related area.

Single Honours Courses

We offer two full-time single honours degrees in English:

  • English Literature - Develop your love of literature from a wide range of different historical periods and cultural contexts.
  • English - A more flexible award if you'd like the flexibility of changing focus during your studies, or who prefer a broad degree that draws on our wide range of module options.

Joint Honours Courses

Joint Honours degrees offer study to the same level in two named areas – either English Literature and English Language, or English and a related subject.

The latter gives you the option of developing your interests in reading, writing and critical thought alongside practical study in another area, broadening your skills base and suggesting a possible career path. Our joint honours courses are:

  • English and Creative Writing - Discover your creative potential whilst exploring many other areas of English study.
  • English and Drama - Covering a range of periods from ancient Greece to the present day, this routeway allows you to complement your literary studies with practical, workshop-based experience of scripting, adaptation and performance.
  • English and Media - Examine the central role of communication, cultural context and creative practice across a range of literary, linguistic and media texts.
  • English Literature and English Language Studies - Combine the School’s strength in English language studies with a flexible and engaging programme in English literature, determined by your own areas of interest.

Major/Minor Courses

Our major/minor degrees allow you to concentrate on either English Language or English Literature, while broadening your experience through the study of a related area, and are comprised of:

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