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Laura Seddigh first year BA English

Our School of English students are returning to University after the Christmas break to start their second semester.

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We spoke with BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing student, Laura Seddigh, to see how she has found her first few months.

How have you found the first few months of your University life so far?

I have enjoyed my university life just as much, if not more than anticipated. My course is everything I imagined and being able to work with professional writers for my creative writing course is extremely worthwhile.

What has been the most fun or interesting project you have been involved with?

The most fun project I have been involved in was making a mockumentary in the Welcome Week with my tutor group about places to visit within Birmingham.

What different kinds of projects have you been involved with in your first semester?

I have been involved in becoming a Module Representative, which has given me a leadership role and an opportunity to have a closer relationship with my cohort of students and staff members. In addition, I have joined a society which has made me feel part of a community within BCU. 

Have you been on any course trips so far? 

I have been on two trips as part of my course so far; one to the Botanical Gardens and one to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Both of these I found very useful to enhance my writing.

Are there any projects or trips you are particularly looking forward to? 

I am looking forward to starting three new modules in my second semester and meeting new people within my new classes.

Have you learnt anything unexpected through the course?

Yes, I have learnt many unexpected things during my course. One of these things, which has helped my creative writing immensely, is what I learnt from Andy Conway – when you are feeling a writer’s block, just try to get something down on paper and the physical act of writing can propel a story or poem and get you out of the block.

How have you found your tutors so far?

My tutors have been fantastic, extremely supportive and always available via email or office hours to help with my assessment. Without their guidance I wouldn't have been able to submit the quality of work that I did. 

Are you finding studying at University much different to College? 

The format of learning is very different to college and a lot of trust is established between pupil and tutor. It is a step up in maturity from college. 

What advice would you give to students who are thinking of studying English at BCU?

I would offer the advice to try as hard as you can to get good A-Level results so that you can come to BCU to do English! This has always been my dream and it has proven to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. Also, read as widely as possible in your spare time; this will give you a good basis to start an English course. 

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