Adrian Cole

Consultant Technologist

School of Engineering and the Built Environment
0121 331 7598

2005 to date: Consultant Technologist

European Innovation & Entrepreneurship Academy, EU Leonardo Project with; AJE (Spain), Saxeed (Germany) and Pro Acadamie (Finland) 

KTP, TSB Projects; Sirus Automotive, Surface Transforms, Dura
Carbon Trust funding (£180K) and delivery of project ‘Local Biofuel Production for Local Power Generation.’

Development of Innovation Owners Network (ION); launch funding secured from AWM (Nov 2007), further funded events, April 2008 (I-Lab) and November 2008 (Buzan)

Completion of Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) sponsored Innovation Effectiveness research programme (co-partners: Bentley, Innospec and Avon)

1997-2005 : Senior Academic and Manager
Responsibility for undergraduate and postgraduate course development and delivery, external business and research development.

Funding bid submissions to; DTI Foresight Vehicle, DTI Technology Programme, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)/AWM, European Social Fund (ESF) Objective 2, Wellcome JIF (£2.05m with University of Birmingham and Coventry), Carbon Trust (£180K & £250K)

New courses: MSc Automotive Calibration & Control, BSc Automotive Computer Aided Design

International partnerships;
MSc franchise to WHZ, Zwickau, Germany for delivery of 50% of taught course
BEng Automotive Eng/BSc CAD co-delivery partnership – Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Bespoke industrial courses - Engine Technology (5 day), Combustion Analysis (3 day, USA), Engine Systems Design (4 day)

External Examiner – University of Hertfordshire, MSc Automotive Business and Management, South Devon College (Foundation Engineering)

Lead organiser for the first Formula Student event in 1998 (450 attendees, 11 teams)
Originator and organiser of Formula Student Workshops (85 students, 3 days)
Organiser of first Society of Aeronautic Engineers (SAE) world in motion trial in the UK (for ages 12 to 16) with UFA
Awarded Certificate of Professional Studies (equivalent to CertEd)

Current Activity
Areas of Expertise
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Low Carbon Technologies
  • Innovation and entrepreneurial skills development
Innovation and entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial skills development  
Co-disrupt projects with ACME Whistles, Westfield Sports Cars

Innovation process consultancy
Recent and past customers: Jaguar Land-Rover, Dura Automotive,  Royal Mail, Innospec, Avon, MAS,  Bentley, Avon

Technical/management experience

Funding bid submissions to; EU Leonardo, KTP, TSB,  Foresight Vehicle, DTI Technology Programme, ERDF/AWM, Wellcome JIF (£2.05m,) Carbon Trust (£180K & £250K)
Technical expertise in new product innovation, innovation auditing, TRIZ, systematic innovation, Spark Ignition (SI) and Compression Ignition (CI) engine development, biofuels, hybrid and electric vehicles, drivetrains
Technical programme management; piston cooling, Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) analysis, engine calibration, biodiesel, digital design.


BSc (Hons) Mechanical Engineering
PhD – University of Bath
Certificate of Professional Studies


Chartered Engineer
Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers


Innovation policy guidance support to West Midlands Regional Observatory/Advantage West Midlands (metrics workshop, 2008, policy workshop 2009)
EPSRC funded Dynamic Innovation Communities research with Cranfield University (2008)
Royal Academy of Engineering sponsored Innovation Effectiveness programme (2005)
To date five papers on innovation processes and strategy


Refereed Publications
‘Thermal Barrier Pistons and Their Effect on the Performance of Compound Diesel Engine Cycles’, F.J. Wallace, T.K. Kao, W.A. Alexander, A.C. Cole & M. Tarabad; SAE 830312, 1983

‘Thermally Insulated Diesel Engines’, F. J. Wallace, T.K. Kao, M. Tarabad, W.D. Alexander & A.C.Cole; Proc IMechE Vol 198A No. 5, 1984
Acknowledged contribution to; ‘Vaneless Diffuser Turbocharger Turbine Performance’, A. Dale, N. Watson, IMechE, 1986, C110/86

‘The Development of a Turbocharger Turbine Test Facility’, A. Dale, N. Watson & A.C. Cole; Computers in Reciprocating Engines and Gas Turbines, IMechE, 1988

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‘A Multi-Disciplinary Project Based Masters Programme’ D. Haigh and A. C. Cole, Auto-Industry Dialogue, 13th & 14th April 2000, Birmingham

‘Breakthrough Carbon Capture: Exploiting Existing Trade-Off and Compromise Challenging Solutions From Other Sectors’ , IMechE, Carbon Capture Event, 5th June, 2007

‘Small Scale Combined Heat and Power Generation(CHP) using Locally Collected Waste Vegetable Oil in Compression Ignition Engines’, S.Soechting, M.Thomas, A.Cole,  Proceedings Bioenergy 2007 3rd International Bioenergy Conference and Exhibition, 3rd-6th September 2007, Jyväskylä, Finland .

‘Innovation Delivery – the influence of leadership’, A.C.Cole, A.Gupta, J.Dutton, Submitted to the European Journal of Innovation Management, July 2008, Awaiting Acceptance

‘Public sector innovation - a discussion ‘think piece’’, A.C.Cole, West Midlands Regional Observatory Innovation Policy Guidance Workshop, Birmingham, 19th March 2009

‘Unravelling and Resolving Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design Conflicts’, A.C.Cole, D.Mann, IMechE Low Carbon Vehicle Conference, May 2009

‘Braking System Technology: Evolutionary Potential and Evolutionary Limits’, D. Mann, A.C.Cole, IMechE Braking 2009 Conference, June 2009

‘Open Innovation Readiness: a Tool’, K. Bevis, A.Cole, ISPIM XXIth International Conference, Bilbao, June 2010

Published Articles
‘Improving SI Engine Fuel Economy in Cold Start’, ‘Automotive Engineer’, IMechE, Feb/Mar 1992

‘Electric & Hybrid Vehicles – SAE Symposium Report’ (Conference Chair and Organiser), Automotive Engineer, IMechE, Sept, 1997

‘Is the Future Upon Us?’   Automotive Engineer, IMechE, Sept 1997, pp66-67, 69-70,72

‘Cells and Marketing’  Automotive Engineer, IMechE, Oct 1997, pp97-98, 101-102

Invited Presentations
‘Advanced Evaporative Emissions Legislation and Measurement Techniques’  Spark Ignition Engine Emissions Lecture Course; Leeds University; 1994,1995,1996

‘Potential Emissions Reduction and Fuel Economy Benefits from the Modern Motor Vehicle’ - Industrial Lecture, April 1994, University of Central England

‘Vehicle Emission Testing’;  Automotive Product Engineering MSc; Cranfield University; 1996

‘Exhaust Emissions’; IGDS MSc (Powertrain Module); Loughborough University; 1995, 1996

‘Emerging Fuel Cell Technology’; Inst. Road Transport Engineers, Birmingham, 20th Oct, 1998

‘Formula Student’, MIA Education Conference, 1998

Vehicle Thermal Management Systems Conference; SAE Opening Speaker, May 1999, London

Innovation Workshop, Hethel Engineering Centre, Norwich, June 2007

Innovation Owners Network, NEC, Birmingham, November 2007

‘Breakthrough Thinking’ Lecture, Common Purpose -  The KNOW Leadership Programme, Birmingham, 2nd April 2009