Secondary partnerships

Partners' Handbook

If you are experiencing difficulty using the documents below, please contact Matthew Waterhouse (for partnership enquiries only)

Revised September 2014
School of Education
Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences

This handbook is designed as a linked collection of electronic documents.

In this Main Contents document, choose the Section, A – F, that you wish to access.

Clicking on the Section title will take you to the Section selected where you will find a full, hyperlinked contents page for that Section. Clicking on ‘Return to Main Contents’ will bring you back to this document.

Many of the documents are intended for reference purposes only, but you may need to print key pages after reading the relevant guidance. For ease of use, an edited ‘print’ version of The Teachers’ Standards (TA), and Birmingham City University’s Formative Feedback Guidance has been uploaded as a separate file.

Please read the relevant placement information carefully (Section B) and ensure that your trainee(s) receives their full entitlement whilst on placement.

We recommend that you also make a note of the telephone number and email address of the relevant university tutor for the teaching practice (Section A).

Section A: Birmingham City University Secondary Partnership

  • Contact details – Tutors and Mentor Representatives
  • Introduction to partnership
  • Partnership responsibilities
  • DBS Enhanced Disclosures and Safeguarding
  • Overview of school experience
  • Year plan PGCE Secondary
  • Meetings and Mentor Training Events

Section B: Placement Information

  • Roles and responsibilities during school experience
    • The Trainee Teacher
    • The University Tutor
    • The Mentors, or school-based tutors
    • The Subject Mentor
    • The Professional Mentor
    • Placement assessment and evaluation report
  • Placements (overview)
  • Placements
  • References
  • Teaching Practice File
  • Weekly Reviews
  • Units of Work, template and guidance
  • Lesson Plans, template and guidance

Section C: Management of Partnership

  • Management of partnership
  • Selection of schools
  • Partnership agreement
  • Equal Opportunities: Policies and Race Equality

Section D: Course Content

  • Aims
  • Course Structure
  • University taught programme (Education, Pedagogy and Professional Studies)
  • University taught programme (Subject Workshops)

Section E: Professional Development

  • The Birmingham City University Professional Development Profile
  • Extracts from Teachers’ Standards in England from September 2012 (NCTL)
  • Formative Assessment of Teachers’ Standards
  • Presenting Evidence in the Professional Development Profile
  • Addressing QTS Standards through PDP Tasks
  • Teachers’ Standards 2012
  • Teachers’ Standards – Formative Feedback Guidance for use with PGCE Secondary Trainees

Section F: Partnership Documentation and Additional Information

These documents are for reference only. Electronic versions of Teaching Practice documents can be downloaded from the Teaching Practice Documents area of the Secondary Partners' website

  • Review and analysis form
  • Weekly Review template
  • Placement Assessment and Evaluation Report
  • School 2 Placement – Mid-point Review
  • Internal School Moderation Summary Form
  • School 1 Placement 2014: Tutor Visit Checklist
  • School 2 Placement 2015: Tutor Visit Checklist
  • Tutor Visit Feedback Sheet
  • Trainees’ Placement Evaluation Form
  • Partnership agreement document
  • Funding for school placements
  • Liability insurance
  • Student Placements: Policy Governing Partnership Arrangements operated by the Faculty
  • Fitness for Practice Policy and Procedure
  • Breakdown of Placements
  • New Technologies – a Health Warning!