Work Placements

What sort of work experience is appropriate?

Many students prefer to be with organisations that can provide work which is related to their studies. This obviously enhances job prospects and provides an excellent opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge gained in their course. Although other opportunities in a wider context may be considered, they would have to provide key elements of the learning outcomes of the particular course of study.

Does my placement period all have to be spent with one organisation?

Students will be allowed to have several employers throughout the year as long as they do not represent more than two different types of work experience. In this case the student will still receive two visits, with each visit aiming review a typical environment that the student has experienced. All employments must however be sanctioned by the placements office and documented by the student in the placement deliverables.

If I fail to complete my Sandwich Year successfully how would this affect my degree?

It would not affect the level of Honours Degree you achieve but your degree certificate would not be endorsed to the effect that you have done a Sandwich Programme. Your degree would be the same as if you had done it over three years full time.

Can I do an unpaid placement if I choose?

It is not a requirement that you do a paid placement. Although not encourage we have had some great successes with type of placement. We would need to be sure that adequate insurance provision is in force at the host organisation for you to work on a non-employed basis.

Does my placement need to be full time and how many hours each week should I expect to work?

Yes, you need to be in a job role which requires you to work on average at least on 30 hours per week for 36 weeks. However, you must not work more than 48 hours each week.

Does my placement need to be continuous?

No, but the total work done must be equivalent to 36 weeks at 30 hours per week.

What happens if I have to finish early?

Inform the placements office and seek alternative work. The placements office will also forward any opportunities.

Can I do a placement outside the UK?

Yes. For students outside the UK the contact tutor contact will usually be conducted via Skype or other electronic media. Also for students outside the UK, the University will require an equivalence to be demonstrated between each item on the Health and Safety checklist and the regulations of the host country. Equivalence within the EU and North America is generally considered to be relatively straightforward. Also note that Visa applications for the US are expensive.

I am an International student - can I do a placement?