Emmy Award winning Lighting Director gives talk at University’s Creative Networks event

Tim Hall

Emmy Award winner Tim Hall recently joined the University’s ongoing scheme of evening networking talks: Creative Networks. Mr Hall delivered a talk to students at the event in late February discussing his experience of the media industries and some of the productions he was a member of.

Digital Technology Courses

Birmingham City University

The visit was the latest in a long-running series of networking talks held at Birmingham City University. Creative Networks has run for over a decade and aims to bring together students, staff and external partners to promote learning and collaboration from industry experts.

Mr Hall has worked as a Lighting Director for productions such as the 2014 Winter Olympics (for which he won an Emmy award) as well as Bloomberg News and NBC’s coverage of the 2011 Royal Wedding. His talk involved giving Digital Technology students an insider’s view of the industry through a behind the scenes look at his work and the lessons he has learned over his time in the industry.
But for those who attended the talk there was a surprise in store. Mr Hall didn’t just bring a fascinating talk, he also brought his Emmy Award along and even allowed members of the audience to lift it themselves.

Birmingham City University works closely with industry experts to run events like this to give students the opportunity to see how the skills they learn will be applied in the world of work once they graduate.

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