Professional Issues in Defence Healthcare

This module gives you the opportunity to explore professional issues within the Defence health care arena. The content, teaching and learning strategies along with the assessment relate to professional role and leadership responsibilities that you may use in your defence role. Additionally the module will develop your interpersonal skills and self-awareness, assisting you to deal confidently with senior managers, colleagues and subordinates throughout military and civilian health care organisations.

The module provides an introduction to theories of professionalism and leadership. It familiarises you with a variety of techniques and approaches. The skills of the reflective practitioner will be an important theme throughout.

Formative Assessment: Patch work

Patch 1: Where am I now? - Identify your goals and aspirations for your personal professional development as a health care professional within the DMS. (1000 words)

Patch 2: Critically analyse the concept of professionalism. (1000 words)

Patch 3: Critically appraise an issue which has impacted on your professional practice. (1500 words)

Summative Assessment / Final Synthesis: 100 per cent

You should provide a retrospective summary of and commentary on, your previous patches, articulating what you have learnt during this module. You should include elements of reflection and self exploration arising from your engagement with this module. You should integrate the findings of your previous three patches. Throughout this synthesis reference should be made to supporting literature. The final 5000 word synthesis constitutes the summative assessment for this module.

Module co-ordinator

Maj Chris Carter
Tel: +44 (0)121 331 6153

Course ref: LBR6369

45 credits at Level 6

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