Defence Healthcare Governance

The Defence Healthcare Governance module is provided via the Department of Health Care Education (DHE). This module will assist you to harness existing knowledge and experience of governance in practice. You will build upon that knowledge, around a framework that takes you through the historical and policy development of governance, to a point where you can demonstrate an enhanced understanding of both the rationale for, and the process of healthcare governance, as it applies specifically to the Defence client group and health care environment.


Formative Assessment

Formative assessment will take the form of a group presentation at the end of the taught phase of the module. All students are required to participate in this learning activity as peer feedback will contribute to the summative assessment. You will be encouraged to use innovative methods of presentation.

Summative Assessment

The assessment artefact will comprise of an electronic portfolio which must demonstrate your ability to critically analyse and apply the principles of Health Care Governance, equivalent to 3000 words. (100 per cent weighting) You will plan and implement a quality improvement initiative in your workplace, with online tutorial support. The assessment artefact will comprise a detailed report presented in a Mahara e-portfolio format, incorporating your plan, critical analysis of the underpinning evidence and theory that support your plan and the current status of the initiative itself.

Module co-ordinator

Maj Sue Viveash

Tel: +44 (0)121 331 6042

Course ref: LBR6348

Core single module - 15 credits at Level 6

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