Why Choose Us?

Green screen in The Parkside Building. Good question. Here are some of the reasons why...

  • Broadcast quality facilities in a specially designed, £61m building, opened in 2013.
  • Convenient location in the centre of England, and within a major city centre.
  • Easy access, next to Birmingham ring-road, and close to M6 and major train stations.
  • On-site MILO and mo-cap facilities
  • Reasonable pricing tailored to your requirements.

Fantastic Facilities

Built in 2013, the facility has been designed from the ground-up to broadcast industry standard.

Who are we?

Our HD media facility in the heart of Birmingham is part of Birmingham City University, and boasts:

  • 3 multi-camera HD TV studios with dedicated galleries (2,206 sq ft, 1,980 sq ft 1,184 sq ft)
  • 3-wall green screen studio with infinity cove floor (1,170 sq ft)
  • MILO motion control rig incorporating a 4K Sony F55 camera
  • 6 radio studios
  • 3 Avid Media Composers
  • Da Vinci Resolve colour grading suite
  • 2 Pro Tools audio suites with voice over booth
  • Green room
  • Dressing room and make-up areas
  • On-site hospitality and catering. 

In short, everything you could possibly need and more, right in the heart of the country. But don’t take our word for it – come and see for yourself.

Download our Parkside Mediahouse Brochure now (PDF)

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