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Recognition and Physiological Interpretation of Deterioration in the Acutely Ill Adult (RAPID) - 15 credits - 2016/17 Entry

Course Overview

The essential course information

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City South

This course runs on the following dates:

Fridays from 18 November to 16 December 2016 and then Fridays from 10 March to 7 April 2017

This course forms part of the Dimensions in Healthcare Framework so you may find it useful to familiarise yourself with the Framework first.

The early recognition of acute deterioration in health is a core skill required by many healthcare professionals. Timely recognition of patients with deteriorating acute illness facilitates appropriate clinical response. This can have a very positive impact on improving outcomes for patients and the health service, in terms of expedited recovery and a reduced resource burden.

Despite the introduction of early warning systems (EWS), critical care outreach and other patient safety initiatives, a significant amount of evidence has been published by organisations such as NCEPOD, NPSA and the Parliamentary Service Ombudsman in the last decade that highlights persistent inadequacies in the recognition of acute deterioration. This may be due to the increasing complexity of the patient population in terms of an ageing population with increasing numbers of comorbidities (Shape Of Caring 2015).

This module is designed to enhance your ability to recognise, assess and interpret early physiological indicators of acute deterioration. It has been designed to enable you to confidently articulate your concerns to others.

This module is a core module within the Acute Care Pathway and an optional module as part of the generic Dimensions in Health Care Framework. It can be undertaken as part of an award or as a stand-alone module.

We have a Disability Tutor who can help and support you.

Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS) rating

The Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme is a system in which you can accumulate the credits and build them towards recognised awards, if you so wish. This single module course provides 15 Level 6 (Degree level) credits.

This module could count towards a Top-Up Degree

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Course Details

Studying this module will involve attending 5 study days (usually 5 consecutive Fridays) and engagement in directed independent study which will be made available in a variety of formats. This will include on line learning resources that can be accessed remotely from the university campus. You will share your clinical experiences in class, participate in group work, attend lectures and be able to access tutorial support, as you prepare for assessment.

The module is assessed by means of a defended presentation which it is hoped can be of use in your clinical area.

Entry Requirements

Registered Nurse/Health Practitioner registered with the NMC or Health Professional Council. You should be currently working with adults who may experience an acute episode of health deterioration.


Application Details

Please read the 'Online application and enrolment process' and 'Method of payment' information below before making your application.

If you're unable to use the online form for any reason, you can complete our PDF application form instead.

Online application and enrolment process
  1. Complete an online application form via the link. The form requires you to submit a completed authorised funding form which must be uploaded with the application. Alternatively, you can download a hard copy application form.
  2. When your submitted application form has been processed and approved, details of the module and enrolment details will be sent to the email address stated on your application form.
  3. You will be sent an email asking you to complete your online pre-enrolment. This must be completed before you enrol.
  4. Without proof of funding, you will not be able to complete your enrolment/receive online pre-enrolment email.  The funding form must be received within four weeks of the enrolment date; otherwise you will be withdrawn from the course.

Please submit your application as early as possible. We aim to give you a decision within two weeks of receiving your application. Please note that NHS Trust application deadlines may differ from our own and you should check with your NHS Trust training/education contact for confirmation of their deadlines.

Please ensure that you include full details of your qualifications and relevant work experience as part of your application.

Method of payment

The method of payment of your course fees will differ depending on whether you are a self-funding, sponsored or contracted/commissioned applicant. Definitions are provided below and you must choose the appropriate option when prompted. If you are unsure which funding method applies to you please consult your training/education contact in your NHS Trust prior to applying:

1) Self-funding

You are paying for the course and responsible for the fees.

Select 'Self Funded' when making your application.

2) Sponsored

Course fees are paid directly by the employer/NHS Trust which means we invoice your employer/NHS Trust to obtain payment.

To apply for this course you must download and complete the CPD Sponsorship Agreement Form, and submit it with your application. The upload facility is available in Section 3 of the application form: Fees and Sponsorship.

Select ‘Sponsored (eg employer, NHS Trust, charity)’ when making your application’.

Download Financial Support Form Instructions

3) Contracted/Commissioned

The NHS Trust agrees with HE West Midlands for your course fees to be paid directly to the University from funds managed by HE West Midlands for pre-agreed programmes.

To apply for this course you must obtain a contracted/commissioned financial support form from your Trust contact and upload the completed form and submit it with your application. The upload facility is available in Section 3 of the application form: Fees and Sponsorship.

Select ‘Funded by HE West Midlands (Contracted/Commissioned)’ when making your application.


Module Leader

Claire Perkins

  • Tel: +44 (0)121 331 6050
  • Email:

Our Professional Navigators, Adele Millington and Nicola Clarke, are also on hand to offer guidance and will help you to choose which modules are best for you, taking into account your aims, professional or clinical experience, KSF requirements and your academic achievements.

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