Our facilities

The school comprises 11 studios, including a large performance studio which has set a new benchmark for drama training facilities in the UK. Each studio contains: specialist acoustic panelling, specialist sprung floors, a heating system that radiates heat equally around the studio and an air replacement system that maintains a constant room temperature.

Acting and Applied Theatre facilities

millennium point exterior BSA
ADM_BSA Entrance Millennium Point
ADM_BSA Common Room
ADM_BSA Resource Room 2
ADM_BSA Patricia Yardley WS
ADM_BSA Studio 1 BA Acting Year 3 a
ADM_BSA Studio 2 applied Performance year 1 a
ADM_BSA Studio 7
ADM_BSA Studio 9 mirrors
ADM_BSA Studio 10 Landscape
Voiceover Facilities 1
Voiceover Facilities 2
Vocieover Facilities 3

Stage Management facilities

ADM_BSA Stage Management Furniture Room Chairs
ADM_BSA Stage Management Costume Room Student 2
ADM_BSA Stage Management Props Room Ceramics
ADM_BSA Stage Management Costume Fitting Room 1
ADM_BSA Stage Management Workshop 3
ADM_BSA Stage Management Modelbox 1
Stage Management Working Workshop 2

Patricia Yardley Studio

The large performance studio, known as the Patricia Yardley Studio, uses variable acoustics which can be adjusted. It also houses a fully operational lighting rig and a quadraphonic sound system. This studio is used for taught classes across all courses as well as for performances, where a professional raked seating and/or staging system is constructed.

Public Performances

We also use professional venues for all public performances, which means the School has access to a range of theatre spaces that few drama schools can match.These regularly include Sir Barry Jackson's historic 'Old Rep'; the Crescent Theatre, and comprises a main auditorium and studio theatre; the Library Theatre; and the new Patrick Centre at the Birmingham Hippodrome.