Study Skills

Assessment Regulations

Assessment regulations cover all the work that you produce at University. Whether it’s how many chances you have to attempt an assessment, or the minimum pass mark, it’s important to understand these regulations as they have a direct impact on your studies and, ultimately, your degree!

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You can find out more about the assessment regulations that apply to your course in your programme handbook, on the "Your Course" page in your student portal, iCity (A university login is required).

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Our Student Success Adviser team have created a short presentation to introduce you to the key points of the regulations. Please note that there are different regulations for those on undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Assessment Briefs

You will be assessed in a variety of ways at the University. With the exception of exams, you will receive an online assessment brief for every assessment you do. This will set out exactly what is expected of you, and the criteria by which your work will be marked.  Make sure you know what's what, so you can maximise your chances of getting the best grade.

Remember: Read the brief thoroughly, and revisit it as you are completing the task. Make sure you are doing what is asked of you, not what you think is expected. What you submit may be fantastic, but if you don't hit the brief, you won't get full credit for it!

Looking for more advice? Watch the Students Success Advisers’ guide to understanding assessment briefs.