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Personal Tutors

Personal Tutors

Every student at Birmingham City University has a nominated Personal Tutor. Personal tutoring plays an important part in supporting you during your University experience. Your Personal Tutor can be contacted for general support and advice.

Personal Tutors are not necessarily experts in your subject area, but they are committed to supporting your learning, wellbeing and professional and academic skills while you are at University. For subject advice please see your module tutor.

You can talk to your Personal Tutor about:

  • What you want to achieve during your time here and how you can go about it.
  • How well you are doing – your successes and any concerns you, or we, may have about your progress.
  • Issues affecting your ability or desire to complete your course – there are often ways to improve your experience.
  • General study, employability or any other support needed.

The purpose of having one nominated staff member as your Personal Tutor is to have someone who knows you beyond individual modules, who can help you develop personally and professionally. The better you get to know your Personal Tutor, the better they can support you!

Find details of your tutor on iCity

You can find details of your tutor on the ‘Your Course’ page on our student portal, iCity (A university login is required).

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