Internet of Things for Water Innovative Networks

About the project

Ensuring the sustainability, security resilience of water supplies in the face of climate change is a global challenge which demands increasingly intelligent approaches to the management and transport of finite water resources. The design and operation of smarter water networks a currently unmet demand for highly-skilled and multi-disciplinary engineers and scientists who apply advanced sensors, ICT and the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable smarter water networks in an increasingly complex regulated environment.

Internet of Things for Water Innovative Networks (IoT4Win) is a European Industrial Doctorate (EID) training network which will train Early Stage Researchers (ESR) to become the highly skilled multi-disciplinary professionals needed to design and implement the smart water networks of the future. The programme will explore and develop – both as a field of study and focus of scientific –, advanced sensors and IoT technology for water and environment monitoring and control. This will build capacity within the EU and nationally to develop and deliver novel IoT solutions in the urban science domain for global application. IoT4Win will exploit the synergies between ICT, intelligent data processing, water domain knowledge and social sciences through multilateral relationships between academia, technology providers and water suppliers in the public and private sectors.

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Staff working on this project

Wenyan Wu

Professor Wenyan Wu has over 20 years of interdisciplinary research and teaching experience electronics, computing, water engineering and technology in the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment at Birmingham City University. My His knowledge and expertise are in smart sensors, RFID and sensor networks, simulation and of water distribution system, data and digital media processing, virtual reality and augmented and ICT/IoT for water resource management.


Internet of Things for Smart Water Innovative Networks (IoT4Win) is a Horizon2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action- Innovative Training Networks (ITN) 2017, Grant Agreement 765921 from 03/2018-02/2021


Professor Wenyan Wu (BCU) will coordinate IoT4Win and work with project partners in the consortium, including ICT / IoT technology company, Singular Logic from Romania and Greece, water innovation company - from Spain and United Utilities plc (UU) in the UK.


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