Cybersecurity Research Group

The Cybersecurity Research Group is a virtual team drawing on people and skills from across the School of Computing and Digital Technology.

Its aim is to make Birmingham City University become a recognised centre of excellence in applied cybersecurity, forensics and privacy research by bringing together teams to develop innovative solutions to challenging and foster their take-up by public and private sector organisations in order to make a real impact on the world. It is led by Paul Kearney.

Security for Smart Cities

As an applied research group, we focus on addressing cybersecurity challenges at the cutting edge of innovation. In many application domains, new technologies and practices are eagerly sought as a means of enabling new and improved products and services, cost savings, efficiencies, etc. However, to roll out innovations without consideration of the associated cybersecurity risks and an understanding of how to mitigate them in the given technical and business context, is to court disaster. Malicious individuals and groups of various types, motivations and levels of skills are constantly seeking vulnerable targets and would rapidly find and exploit any weakness. On the other hand, to hold back, is potentially to miss out on valuable opportunities and/or competitive advantage.

Areas of Activity

  • Identifying, analysing and working to overcome the security challenges faced by organisations, individuals and society as a whole;
  • Understanding emerging technologies including 5G, IoT, AI/ML, big data, cloud/edge computing, containers and blockchains; studying the security vulnerabilities their use introduces and how they may be exploited by attackers; and devising ways to counter them;
  • Improving the processes and tools used to protect systems, detect and diagnose attacks, plan and execute an appropriate response, repair damage, recover to ‘business as usual’, and conduct forensic investigations.

Staff Working in this Group

  • Ali Abdallah
  • Nuno Amalio
  • Adel Aneiba
  • Ron Austin
  • Vitor Jesus
  • Mark Josephs
  • Paul Kearney
  • Syed Naqvi
  • Esther Palomar
  • Peter Sommer

We work with public and private sector partners in various application domains to help them innovate securely, with cybersecurity solution providers to add value to their products and services, and with industry bodies such as the IoT Security Foundation to define and promote best practice.

Research Projects in this Group

Research Students
  • Carolina Adaros Boye: A Secure Reference Architecture for Microservices-based Applications
  • Mujahid Muhammad: A Secure Reference Architecture for Microservices-based Applications
  • Yussuf Hassan Ahmed: A Secure Reference Architecture for Microservices-based Applications
  • Antonio Nehme: A Secure Reference Architecture for Microservices-based Applications
  • Akinola Siyanbola: Adaptive Security and Privacy Framework for Business Processes : A Service-Oriented Approach
  • Diana Haidar: Opportunistic Machine Learning Methods for Insider Threat Detection
  • Aliyu Lawal Aliyu: Secure Controller framework for Software Defined Network

Access all of our research publications in our digital archive.   BCU Open Access