The Centre for Cyber Security is a new research centre formed in 2013 focused on allying the technological, economic or societal implications to combat cyber threats by new security and privacy practices.

In our extensively connected cyber world, cyber security increasingly matters to individuals, organisations and society. The mission of the centre is to do world class research to:

  • Contribute to the provision of safer and secure environment to exchange data and do business.
  • Develop innovative solutions to emerging problems.

Most modern big challenges and research initiatives involve elements of cyber security - we have built extensive capabilities to tap on multidisciplinary research opportunities as they arise. We very much welcome collaborations with partners (academic and industrial) in other disciplines such as engineering, media, criminology, law, health, finance, management, business, environment and sociology.


The ConSoLiDatE project involves co-operation between subject experts in cyber security, law and digital forensics aiming at the development of educational resources conveying essential:

  • Cyber security knowledge

  • Legal principles

  • Practical digital forensic investigations

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