The Journal of CEBE - Issue 2

Journal of CEBE

Volume 2, Autumn 2015              


The Journal of CEBE (formerly the Journal of TEE) is an online, open-access journal which aims to provide opportunities for staff and students of the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment (CEBE) Birmingham City University, to publish high quality work broadly relating to the subjects which are taught in the Faculty.

The Journal of CEBE will be published annually. Special editions may also be published when and where appropriate.

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© 2014 Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment, Birmingham City University. Authors alone are responsible for opinions expressed in papers and reviews.                                              


Aliyu Lawal Aliyu, Peter Bull, Ali Abdallah

'Investigating the Security Aspect of Software Defined Networking (SDN)'

Callum Barnes, Dan Roberts

'What improvements can be made to the local transport in the West Midlands to maximise benefits from HS2 throughout the region?'

Stephen Murphy, Sharon Cox

'Understanding Open Source Adoption in UK Small and Medium Sized Businesses: Gap or Chasm?'

Veronica Barry

'Urban agriculture, planning and health; exploring the links'

Thomas Wagner

'Sharing Cyber Intelligence in Trusted Environments – A Literature Review'

Andrew Mckeown, Anthony Wilcox, Paul Thomas

'Noise in Broadband Power-Line Communication and Future Bandwidth Growth'

Mohannad Alhanahnah 

'Insider threats, are they real bluster?'

Peter Larkham

'Ethics and the University'

Book Reviews