The Journal of TEE - Issue 1

Journal of TEE

Volume 1, Spring 2014

ISSN 2055-2858

The Journal of TEE is an online, open-access journal which aims to provide opportunities for staff and students of the Faculty of Technology, Engineering and the Environment (TEE), Birmingham City University, to publish high quality work broadly relating to the subjects which are taught in the Faculty.

The Journal of TEE will be published annually. Special editions may also be published when and where appropriate.

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Guest editorial
Mark Reed

'The Development of a simulation model for the Flexilink Protocol'
Dalia Hassan El-Banna, Yonghao Wang, Michael Clarke, Sharon Cox

'Investigation towards the development of mobile business intelligence'
Sathyanath Lappasi Ramamoorthy, Jagdev Bhogal, Sharon Cox

'Review and optimisation of the UK's canal locks'
Charlotte Powers, Alan Pendry

'Sustainable procurement: the challenge for contracting organisations'
Adam Jones

'The effects of residential re-use on the character and appearance of traditional farm buildings in the Malvern Hills District'
Simon Rowles

'Current and potential future workloads of digital fulldomes'
Muadh Al-Kabani, Cathy Easthope

Book reviews