Curzon Symposium

Come together and share vital information

Our Curzon Symposiums are a chance for businesses to come together to share and develop ideas, information and innovations for transforming the region

Curzon Symposium These events offer a unique opportunity for forward-thinking discussions. Our most recent symposium, which took place on Wednesday 14 December, saw businesses and organisations share their views and ideas on the development of Eastside, one of the most historic yet dynamic and forward thinking areas of Birmingham.

The Curzon Symposium 2016 report is now available. Download the report to: 

  • Read about the concepts and outcomes of the workshops

  • Hear what our partners say about delivering the opportunities

  • Watch the Knowledge Hub Video

  • Find out what happens next, and how you can get involved

Download the report
I would like to be contacted about the future development of The Curzon Symposium 2016 outcomes.

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