The Centre for Enterprise, Innovation and Growth is ran by a core team of staff, who you can find out more about below.

There are also a wide variety of researchers that work with the Centre as well, who are listed in our Centre Members section. They examine the key themes of the entrepreneurship, innovation and growth from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Dr Mark Gilman is Professor of SME Growth and Development at Birmingham City Business School and Head of CEIG. He joined BCU in 2015, moving from his post as Director of The Centre for Employment, Competitiveness & Growth at Kent Business School.

Mark has published in the area of SME performance and growth and HR management alongside working directly with business in the creation of a range of support products. These products include The BIG Journey, The BIG Network, The BIG Toolkit, The BIG Diagnostic, and tailored coaching and consultancy assignments. He has worked in industry and academia for the last 40 years engaging with businesses of all sizes including Boots plc, Barclays Bank, British Airways and a number of public sector organisation. More recently he has been impacting the growth of over 500 SMEs through research and coaching interventions for ambitious business owners.


Aineias Gkikas is a research fellow in CEIG. He joined BCU in 2015 from Cardiff University where he is completing his PhD in economic geography. Aineias has taught at both Cardiff and University College London and presented research at national and international conferences. His role in CEIG is progressing research on SME development in international contexts, collaborating with businesses and Universities across the world including Greece, China, Indonesia and Slovenia.


Dr Jacob Salder is a research fellow in CEIG. He joined BCU in 2015 from the University of Birmingham where he completed his PhD in economic geography. Jacob has a specialist background in economic development having worked in local government, non-government organisations and Regional Development Agencies for a number of years. His role in CEIG is progressing research focused on SME development in the regional context within the UK, focusing specifically on their development and growth within the West Midlands.