If your application is successful, you will be invited to an audition, an interview or both, depending on the course you've applied for.

Birmingham School of Acting recognises that candidates will inevitably be nervous; much rides upon the outcome of any audition. We work hard to ensure that your audition is a positive experience. Members of both academic and admissions staff will be available to answer questions at all stages of auditioning. All auditions - Initial and Recall - are stewarded by full-time students who are there to support and guide candidates through the process.


Fee: £46 (non-refundable) covers both the initial and recall auditions
(For information on how to pay your audition fee, see our How to Apply page)
Applicable to: BA (Hons) Acting
MA Acting
MA Acting: The British Tradition

For the BA (Hons) Acting course, auditioning is a two-stage process - Initial and Recall. This helps to ensure that each applicant is given a fair opportunity and that we have the best information on which to base our choice of candidates. We receive hundreds of applications each year and less than seven per cent of those applying gain a place. However, those candidates who pass the Initial Audition and attend a Recall Audition have approximately a one in six chance of being offered a place.

Dates for the Initial Audition will be allocated by our admissions office on receipt of application and payment of fee. For the Recall Audition, dates will be allocated as and when a candidate passes the Initial Audition (you will be informed of the result within five working days of your Initial Audition).

MA Acting applicants will be required to attend a full day to allow us to assess prospective postgraduate students for a longer period of time and speak to them in an interview if necessary.

There is an audition/interview for MA Professional Voice Practice, however, as this is relatively short, there is no audition fee for this.


Fee: None
Applicable to: BA (Hons) Stage Management
BA (Hons) Applied Performance (Community and Education)

The interview process gives you the opportunity to talk to us about who you are, tell us more about your interest in the course and see the space that you will be working in. You will also meet some of the people who will be teaching you and get to ask questions about the course and everything it involves. You may be involved in a short workshop or practical exercise.

Detailed guidance regarding the application and selection procedure for each course is available in our Guidance for Applicants packs. You can download the pack for your chosen course from the relevant course page. You may also want to browse our auditions FAQ section.

Offer of a place

Following an audition and/or interview, one of the following outcomes is possible:

  • You are offered an unconditional place This means that you have a place on the course for which you applied. This offer is only for the year in which you apply.
  • You are offered a conditional place This means that you will have a place on the course for which you applied if you attain the required academic qualifications. This offer is only for the year in which you apply.
  • You are offered a reserve place on the course This is the most common outcome. It indicates that you have reached an acceptable standard, but because applications and auditions/interviews happen throughout the year we cannot allocate all places on a course until the auditions/interviews have been completed. This is of particular relevance to the acting courses. You are not offered a place on the course You cannot re-apply for a place on the same course in the same academic year.

Appealing against an unsuccessful audition

If you wish to appeal against a decision you should contact Sarah Edge, Senior Administrator (Admissions and Enrolments) within 14 days of notification to receive a copy of the Appeals Policy. An appeals panel, led by a senior member of staff who was not involved in your audition, will investigate thoroughly any grounds for appeal and will notify you of the outcome.